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More packages available, Contact us for details.

Design Included

with all purchases

Human Directional Advertising Tucson, AZ

Price includes... 

- Design

- Set-Up

- Delivery

- 16" x 46" Full Color Arrow, Double Sided

- 6 Hours of Spinners Time

(Minimum 3 hours per trip)


● Starter Pack comes with 
 - 16" x 46" Full Color Arrows (other sizes available)
 - Double sided printed
 - 6 Hours of Spinners Time
● Logo T-shirts available

Start Package

The Red X Difference

There’s no doubt that sign spinners are eye-catching. They can effectively attract more attention for your business and skyrocket sales! 

Red X Sign Spinners Attract Attention in a BIG Way! With a Low Investment and a High Return, Human Directional Advertising is perfect for any size business.

Red X sign spinners are an effective and cost efficient way to market your business. Sign spinners increase your business sales and customer traffic. Red X sign spinners relentlessly promote and market you business brand on busy streets near your location.

Sign spinners​ can perform simple tricks to draw attention to your ad or will keep your sign steady as they smile and wave to oncoming traffic, it is up to you. Sign spinners create a ​positive experience and get attention!! People driving by on the busy streets always notice them, therefore thousands​ of customers will see your ad everyday!!! Red X sign spinners generate excitement and brand awareness. 

​​Red X sign spinners are only available in the Tucson, AZ area.