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● Premium Uncoated​ 70LB text or 70LB Linen

● Close contact with your expert designer

● Standard windows available
● Choose from #9 Envelopes or any of our 9 standard sizes

The Red X Difference

Most businesses use direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy. Custom envelope can enhance your efforts and reinforce your brand image. When a customer receives a mailing from you that includes a custom printed envelope, it greatly increases the chance that customer will read what is inside.

Custom envelope design & printing by Red X Graphics is a great way to passively advertise your company and present your logo. Use your custom designed envelopes to send customers thank you notes or alert them to sales and specials all the while keeping your brand image highly visible. When sending out a memo or important letter to a client or prospect you should feel confident that your image is well represented by your custom envelope. Don't lose the sale because your prospect lost confidence in you because of a poor presentation. Custom designed envelopes are an essential part of any custom designed stationery package and will help to convey a sense of professionalism that helps to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Many different sizes and options available. Call or E-mail for more information.